Personal Biography

Ankur K Garg (AKG) has accumulated over ten (10) years of leadership experience in building brands and guiding innovative start-up companies. An accomplished corporate strategist and marketing guru, his vision and expertise in business performance have driven remarkable growth in brand recognition, marketing presence, and overall customer loyalty. His proficiency in developing loyal clientele and command of design/marketing within the IT consulting industry is highlighted by his accomplishments at Crimson Lab Corporation.

Having received his BS in Finance & Economics from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland College Park at the age of 20, Ankur founded his first marketing firm with the intent on raising the bar in Information Technology and Marketing Consulting services for start-up companies. Offering a rare combination of WEB & PRINT services, Ankur has achieved exciting return on investment and product turnarounds and he is recognized for his success in increasing sales/leads and profits for clients.

AKG’s exceptional track record of business improvement is based on his philosophy of total engagement in change and his belief in immediate initiative for structural innovation. He is known for his ability to quickly identify and bridge gaps in performance, sales, and organizational structure. The significant impact on profitability and growth in a variety of industries for different firms where he held senior executive positions have led to the formulation of AKG Creative Incorporated, where he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and continues to set standards in Creative Services Consulting.


The Secret Is Out

Have no fear; Fire N Ice Fast Food is here in a new centralized location right in the heart of New Brunswick, NJ.

In order to accommodate increased demand, Fire N Ice has finally expanded to another at 144 Easton Avenue, New Brunswick. It’s a block from Rutgers University’s main campus and walking distance from the New Brunswick train station. This makes our delicious Indian, Indo-Chinese and Mediterranean cuisine highly accessible to students, professionals working near or in NJ’s hub city of New Brunswick and those looking for something different to eat in a town filled with such vibrant culture.

This new location will serve customers from 11AM to 4AM. Yes, 4AM. That means not only is it open for a midnight snack or as Taco Bell calls it “4th meal”, but it will be open to serve 5th and 6th meal after a long night of studying or when the bars close.

Don’t feel like driving or walking to the new location? No worries. Fire N Ice New Brunswick will deliver to anywhere within a 15 mile radius with its full regular menu option. Just log onto, or and you can order all your favorites right online. You can also order online if you are within a 15 mile radius from the Fords, NJ location. Just check online and order away!

Fire N Ice Fast Food is also servicing the community by catering events from anywhere between 20-100 people. Want interesting, flavorful food at your next event without a huge budget to work with? Definitely contact Fire N Ice 732-535-7555 and they will work with you to help you cater to your guests in the style you want, at a price you can afford.”

Fire N Ice Fast Food is also known for its NYC style food available in Central NJ. You can enjoy our Chicken/Lamb and Rice Platters, Gyros and fresh Indian-style wraps famously known as Kati Rolls. Check out our most recent menu at:

Fire N Ice Press Release

FORDS, NJ, December 11, 2010 — Fire N Ice has been established as a Middlesex County business leading the way for assisting the community. From hosting various charity events for the region each quarter to getting involved with local businesses and driving an increase in their business Fire N Ice has been a model business for the community.

One of the greatest characteristics of the Fire N Ice business model is to cooperate and work hand in hand with the township and officials. Whenever the local authorities have needed Fire N Ice to respond to a request, Fire N Ice has always promptly delivered and exceeded the expectations set before them. Most importantly, Fire N Ice prioritizes the importance of the local legislative structures and openly invites all local government officials and employees to attend their upscale charitable events.

“Fire N Ice has always treated me and my guests with the utmost respect. My colleagues and I have always had a great time at their events and we appreciate the opportunities to give back to the community,” said local print shop owner Ankur Garg. “One of the things that I appreciate most is that the music they play is always centered around trendy house and mainstream music.”

One complaint that often arises is that the Fire N Ice security and management racially profiles its patrons; however, after closely examining the atmosphere of the events it is very apparent that there is a strict dress code and age requirement for admittance. These security measures keep the few bad apples from preventing issues that would – given the opportunity – ruin everyone’s’ night.

Recently Fire N Ice has been dealing with restrictions placed from the township where the venue cannot serve alcohol for the first twelve days of every month. After closely inspecting the business’s routine, it can be said that their business plan does not revolve around serving alcohol. Even on days when they are given permission to serve Fire N Ice sticks to the goal of providing an upscale environment and focuses entirely on their restaurant and sheesha business.

With great demand from the public Fire N Ice expanded its restaurant with a location at Menlo Mall. During this expansion Fire N Ice directly involved local businesses for all purchases and renovations for all locations and has made it a priority to continuously utilize the services of smaller shops – in need of the business – for all future work.

Fire N Ice, located in Fords at 583 Fords Ave, in Fords, NJ, offers consumers an exotic blend of south-asian cuisine and weekly themed events. The Fords location features contemporary and rustic decor stretching across two floors, which are often host to small and large gatherings as well as corporate events.

About Fire N Ice

Fire N Ice has established a reputation for impeccable service exquisite food, and a bohemian atmosphere. An exotic restaurant and lounge located in the heart of Middlesex County, NJ. Fire N Ice Restaurant focuses on truly authentic experiences inspired by culture and community events.

Providing unique atmospheres for gatherings and events Fire N Ice is considered one of the ideal venues to visit for dinner and drinks.

For more information on Fire N Ice and the upcoming events, visit